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Andrea BOSU(R) Balance Trainer Cancer Exercise Training Institute

Looks Can be Deceiving – I’m a Perfect Example

Looks Can be Deceiving – I’m a Perfect Example Hi Everyone! I am a 32-year thyroid cancer survivor. I am fortunate that I have enjoyed great health since my 1984 diagnosis and treatment. I have 19 first-degree relatives with many different types of cancer, my mother having thyroid as well. The way that it has […]


Understanding the Importance of Comprehensive Lung Health

Understanding the Importance of Comprehensive Lung Health November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to think about not only lung cancer, but other aspects of comprehensive lung health. Your lungs are vital to the health of the rest of your body. As you breathe in and out, your lungs bring […]

Denise Stewart Cancer Exercise Training Institute

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute Welcomes Denise Stewart, O.T. to our Medical Advisory Board

Denise Stewart, B.S. in Occupational Therapy has worked with people experiencing breast cancer related Lymphedema; managing compression garments and guidance to reduce skin and soft tissue inflammation since 1981. Her training and work in hands-on massage for problematic soft tissue commenced in the 1990’s. Denise used her knowledge and skill to develop new methods for assessing and treating post-breast cancer scar tissue […]

Dani Anderson Cancer Exercise Training Institute

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute Welcomes Dr. Danielle Anderson to our Medical Advisory Board

Danielle  Anderson, ND, MAc., L.Ac., RDH  is a  primary care physician licensed in Oregon.  Doctor Danielle Smith Anderson has founded her Integrative medical practice on the principal of treating the whole person; with a view to psychological integration and a healthy emotional outlook being central to both physical health and life fulfillment. Terrain Wellness Integrative […]


Pound Poms for Breast Cancer Recovery is Coming soon!

 “PoundPoms® 4 Recovery”, is the brainchild created through the collaboration of Andrea Leonard, President of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute & cancer survivor and Sherry ShamRock, founder of FIT 2 CHEER & inventor of PoundPoms (weighted cheerleading pom poms!) The inspiration was impelled when Natasha Madison a breast cancer survivor and friend of Shamrock’s, contacted her […]

Our Goal Is Simple

To Educate Health & Fitness Professionals to Empower Cancer Survivors

Our Goal Is Simple The Cancer Exercise Training Institute provides health and fitness professionals with comprehensive coursework on twenty-five types of cancer as well as pediatrics, their surgeries and treatments, breast reconstruction, upper and lower body lymphedema prevention, identification, and management, cancer pain and fatigue, comprehensive fitness evaluations including postural assessment and goniometry, as well as marketing strategies and how to position themselves as the "next step" in the health care continuum.

Cancer Exercise Specialists are to cancer what cardiac rehab is to the heart patient. At CETI we provide products and educational materials for health care professionals as well as cancer patients.

Developed by Cancer Exercise Specialist and author of Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors and the EM-POWER program, Andrea Leonard, The Cancer Exercise Training Institute was established in response to a growing need to provide scientifically-based, current information on exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery.