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Continuing Education CETI Founder Andrea Leonard

Sun, Fun, and CEU’s

Do you live in Southern California or would you like to have a ‘workcation’ in Southern California for a few days this July? The Medical Fitness Network and Can…cer Exercise Training Institute are teaming up to bring the Cancer Exercise Specialist Workshop to Costa Mesa, CA on July 22-23rd at Body Wise Gym. You will […]

Lisa Daugherty MFN Cancer Exercise Training Institute

How Medical Fitness Network Helps Medical & Health Organizations

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute has been working together with the Medical Fitness Network for several years now and feels that is important to share the following information with it’s patrons and business colleagues. The Medical Fitness Network (MFN) donates its services as a national database management company to medical and health organizations that do not […]

june kahn cancer exercise training institute

Pilates Cancer Exercise Specialist is Here!

Pilates Cancer Exercise Specialist is here! The much anticipated supplemental handbook by June Kahn is hot off the press. If you are already Cancer Exercise Specialists, this supplemental handbook will help you to create sensible, safe, and effective Pilates-based workouts for cancer patients and survivors. Unlike other Pilates courses that are exclusively for breast cancer, […]

cancer prevention cancer exercise training institute

Cancer Prevention Month

Cancer Prevention Month We are coming to the close of Cancer Prevention month, but before we move into March I’d like to highlight some ideas for ways to help prevent cancer in your life. The Prevent Cancer Foundation notes that it’s estimated that only 5% of cancers are hereditary, making prevention an exceptionally important topic. […]

Cervical Cancer Cancer Exercise Training INstitute

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Cervical cancer risk factors GENERAL Pregnancy: Women who have had three or more full-term pregnancies, or who had their first full-term pregnancy before age 17, are twice as likely to get cervical cancer. GENETICS Family history: Women with a sister or mother who […]

Our Goal Is Simple

To Educate Health & Fitness Professionals to Empower Cancer Survivors

Our Goal Is Simple The Cancer Exercise Training Institute provides health and fitness professionals with comprehensive coursework on twenty-five types of cancer as well as pediatrics, their surgeries and treatments, breast reconstruction, upper and lower body lymphedema prevention, identification, and management, cancer pain and fatigue, comprehensive fitness evaluations including postural assessment and goniometry, as well as marketing strategies and how to position themselves as the "next step" in the health care continuum.

Cancer Exercise Specialists are to cancer what cardiac rehab is to the heart patient. At CETI we provide products and educational materials for health care professionals as well as cancer patients.

Developed by Cancer Exercise Specialist and author of Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors and the EM-POWER program, Andrea Leonard, The Cancer Exercise Training Institute was established in response to a growing need to provide scientifically-based, current information on exercise therapy as a critical component of cancer recovery.