Coming Together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One of the most important, if not THE most important part of recovery from the debilitating side-effects of breast cancer surgery and treatment, is correcting postural deviations that are the result of muscle imbalances. We must re-educate the body to restore its’ normal balance. Most of us think of balance as one’s ability to stand without falling, but it actually represents the ability to stabilize and maintain a specific body position. Postural control is defined as the act of maintaining, achieving, or restoring a state of balance during any posture or activity. It only makes sense that performing exercises to correct range of motion and postural deviations, while incorporating the aspect of balance, would yield the greatest results!

Following a mastectomy and/or radiation, there is bound to be tightness in the chest wall from scar tissue and/or adhesions. Over time this can create the appearance of rounded shoulders and a forward head, as well as limited shoulder range of motion and ability to perform activities of daily living. These issues can be minimized, if not completely remedied, by the proper combination of stretches and strengthening exercises.

The makers of the BOSU(R) Balance Trainer, Hedstrom Fitness, and the Medical Fitness Network recognize the need for expertly trained fitness professionals. They are working with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute help raise money for the Breast Cancer Alliance; while providing advanced training to health and fitness professionals.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute will be teaching a two-day Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification Training at the Riverbrook YMCA in Wilton, CT on 10/28-10/29.

BOSU(R) will donate $50 to the Breast Cancer Alliance for every registration. All participants will receive a FREE one-year membership to the Medical Fitness Network (gaining them exposure and potential client referrals), a FREE annual subscription to PFP Magazine, and 50% off of any workout gloves at G-Loves.

CEU’s for ACE, AFAA, ISSA, NASM, NSCA, YMCA, and Yoga Alliance.

Workshop led by Andrea Leonard, President/Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute & 33-year Cancer Survivor.

To register call 503-502-6776 or visit:

Payment plans are available!

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