Requalify – Cancer Exercise Specialist® or Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialist

To requalify as a Cancer Exercise Specialist® or Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialist you must do so every two years. Your requalification from CETI ensures that qualified professionals maintain their knowledge base, as well as stay current with cancer treatments and procedures. You will receive the latest CES or BCRBS handbook (updated every two years) and sit for the examination in order to assure continued competency.Upon completion of the examination your certification will be updated for another two years. Alternatively, you may accumulate 2.0 CETI CEU’s worth of continuing education lessons.


Continuing Education Lessons     Learn More

Continuing Education Lessons are designed to help you fulfill your re-certification requirements for the CES and BCRBS programs. Each course includes a video lesson followed by a brief examination. CETI CEU’s will be awarded following completion and passing. Lessons include a variety of topics pertaining to cancer treatment and survivorship and ensure that practitioners remain current in their knowledge base. Topics may include cancer prevention, cancer fatigue, cancer pain, exercise programming, nutrition, pscyho-social issues, survivorship, class programming, individual programming, medical terminology, cancer treatment, cancer surgeries, lymphedema identification, prevention, and management, Pilates, yoga, and more.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute maintains their unwavering standard of education by updating materials every two years. The world of oncology is changing on a daily basis and it is imperative that those working with cancer patients, both during and after treatment, remain current with their information and training. For this reason, we require that CEU’s be completed ‘in-house’ – ensuring quality and consistency in our programming. You need 2.0 CETI – CEU’s to requalify every two years for any of the Advanced Qualification Courses.

When you are ready to requalify, please email your course title(s) and date(s) of completion, along with your name, to Your updated certificate will be emailed to you shortly thereafter.

Cancer exercise specialist and client cancer exercise training institute

CES Requalification $200

BRCBS Requalification $200






As Cancer Exercise Specialists, we are vital partners in the field of integrative oncology; where new research is being released every day. We encourage professional development and continued learning to maintain the integrity associated with being a Cancer Exercise Specialist.