Become a Cancer Exercise Specialist!

You can help 114 Million people with combo training qualification as a Functional Aging Specialist (FAI) and Cancer Exercise Specialist (CETI):  Including 14 million diagnosed with cancer and 100 million at higher risk (over 40 years old with higher BMI and low exercise levels).  Learn more in the free webinars by Dr. Dan Ritchie and Andrea Leonard, and order now to take advantage of this powerful combination to add to your qualifications. You will learn how to bring valuable cancer survivorship and prevention tools to your community, and improve the lives of so many. 


  1. FAI-CETI Special Combo: Cancer Exercise Specialist™ + Functional Aging Specialist – $699
  2. Get the Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification for $399
  3. Get the Functional Aging Specialist Certification for $399
  4. Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU Specialist for $299
  5. Cancer Exercise Specialist Home Study + Live Workshop April 6-7 in MN
  6. Cancer Exercise Specialist Home Study + Live Workshop May 18 in FL

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