Cancer Exercise and Prevention: Market Opportunity

Slideshow: We need specialized exercise

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The Need: 114 Million People

  • There are 14 million cancer survivors in the US, with 1-2 million new diagnoses every year.
  • 100 million American adults can reduce their higher risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes with exercise and diet.
  • 50% of Medical Doctors do not prescribe or do not know how to prescribe exercise

You Can Help – As A Valued Business

You can learn about the exercise specialization required to successfully build your own business and help the doctors, therapists, health clubs, hotels and people who need it in your community.

Resources For You

  • The Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI) provides the global standard in cancer exercise education, with 25 years of knowledge from industry leaders. Get the Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification to market your expertise. You’ll be an expert in exercise for cancer recovery and survivors for 25 different types of cancer.
  • The Functional Aging Institute (FAI) leads the industry for aging exercise education. You will receive in-depth training on functional training strategies and movements that address the needs of a growing segment of the population with exercise as preventive medicine. Get the FAI certification as a Functional Aging Specialist.
  • CETI and FAI partnered to provide a combined education package for you to add both “Cancer Exercise Specialist” and “Functional Aging Specialist” to your credentials.
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