Breath as Medicine

Program Description

Respiratory physiology is a dynamic way of not only improving a client’s level of fitness, it’s improving their overall level of health and well¬being. Ed Harrold’s Breath AS Medicine training focuses on nasal dominance in respiratory muscle training by applying the principles and philosophy of yoga breathing (or pranayama) as inspiratory and expiratory muscle training.  In this 15-Hour Distance Learning, we’ll learn the science of learning to control the breath for various physiologic and psychological outcomes overlooked in current fitness & athletic training.

Keeping in mind that the goal of exercise is to improve our health, reduce inflammation and reduce stress, we’ll learn the art & science of incorporating mindful breathing strategies into fitness and athletic training.  Give your clients a cardiovascular, flexibility, strength & meditation-in-motion experience all in one training session. Improve their biomechanics, biochemistry, physiology and psychology with optimal breathing protocols.  


Learning Objectives

  • Introduce basic, intermediate and advanced breathing technique

  • Health benefits and contraindications for breathing technique

  • How to sequence the breath for speed, interval and steady state training

  • How to use breathing techniques to “biohack” into flow states 

  • Warm-up & cool-down strategies

  • Respiratory anatomy & physiology


Includes videos & reading materials and a 60-question exam (time allowed 75 min – Total Test Attempts: 3.  The passing score of this course is 80%).

Continuing Education – 1.5 ACE Fitness