Continuing Education for CETI

The CES Pilates Mat program was developed by June Kahn, internationally recognized fitness leader and 2009 World IDEA Instructor of the Year, former Reebok World Master Trainer, and ACE, AFAA, & ACSM certified health & fitness instructor, along with Andrea Leonard, 33-year cancer survivor, author of “Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors,” NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and President/Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. June and Andrea provide a Pilates-based rehabilitative exercise program that will help to improve the patient’s ability to cope with the mental and physical stress following cancer diagnosis and treatment. As a fitness professional you will learn how to develop a unique and individualized exercise program using a Pilates-based approach and the CETI training methodology. 

This course includes video modules and a 50-question exam. You must get 80% or better to pass. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate of completion good for 2.0 CETI CEU’s.

You must complete the CES Advanced Qualification in order to receive your Advanced Qualification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.



cancer fighting foods cancer exercise training instituteThe Nutritional Roadmap – was developed by Krystal Guttierrez, MD, RDN, LD, CES. Learn how body weight and exercise affect one’s risk of cancer, treatment and cancer reoccurrence.  This lesson will discuss the nutritional needs of a person with cancer and how to quickly assess a client’s diet for adequate intake of calories and macronutrients. Strategies to minimize treatment and disease side effects in conjunction with appropriate meal and snack suggestions will also be discussed.  These strategies will help your clients have more effective workouts, achieve a healthy body weight and a potentially more positive disease outcome.  This lesson provides several handouts you can distribute to your clients including snack ideas, and recipe modifications to facilitate weight loss or weight gain.

This course includes a video presentation and 20-question exam. You must get 80% or better to pass. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate of completion good for 1.0 CETI CEU’s.