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CPTN Cancer Exercise Training Institute

Expanding on its mission of developing comprehensive, national and international certifications and educational opportunities for its members, CPTN is proud to announce its partnership with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI). In line with its goal to set standards of excellence to ensure safe and effective training sessions, and to reflect the needs and changes within the fitness and lifestyle industry, CPTN offers the CETI Cancer Exercise Specialists® to its members and trainers across Canada.

According to CPTN Education Manager, Lucinda Jensen, “The Cancer Exercise Specialist® is a must for all trainers.” In our existing societies, the Canadian Cancer Society predicts 50% of the Canadian population will receive a diagnosis of some form of cancer over their lifetime. A quick evaluation of your circle of friends about their connection to someone diagnosed with cancer will prove this statistic true. As a result, it is vital for trainers to be fully aware of the protocols, practices, and program development for individuals with different types of cancer and at all stages of cancer recovery.”


CPTN Cancer Exercise Training Institute

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