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CPTN Pilates Mat Certificate Course     CPTN – 4 CEC’s

CPTN approved Cancer Exercise Training InstituteThis course is available for CPTN certified trainers ONLY

CES Pilates Mat with June Kahn  – June Kahn, internationally recognized fitness leader and educator, takes you step-by-step through a carefully designed Pilates Mat program for cancer patients and survivors. You will learn specific Pilates exercises that will help your client to correct muscle imbalances and range of motion limitations following cancer surgery and treatment. This course includes the 95 page online handbook as well as accompanying video modules and a 50-question examination. You must get 80% or better on the examination to receive your certificate of completion. This is not a certification or advanced qualification course. You will receive a certificate of completion.

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CES Pilates Mat $125 USD ( You will receive your username and password within 24 hours of purchase)

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CES Pilates Mat Handbook (paper copy) $30 USD + S&H