CETI in The News

CETI in The News

 CETI in The News – this platform allows us to share newspaper and magazine articles that have featured us in their stories about cancer survivorship and cancer exercise. 

Club Industry

Breast Cancer Patients: An Untapped Market That Needs Specialized Exercise Guidance

Personal Fitness Professional October 2020

Breast Cancer’s best Kept Secret: Lymphedema

American Fitness Magazine July 2019

Working Through Cancer: Exercise as Part of Recovery

Personal Fitness Professional  – Seeing Education through a New Lens July 2019

Create an Effective CEU Strategy

CURETODAY.com June 2019

 Taking Back Control: Exercise and Nutrition Boost Survivor Well-Being

Spa Executive February 2019

Raising Cancer Awareness in the Spa and Wellness Industries

Endocrineweb.com February 2019

Even Modest Exercise Extends Thyroid Cancer Survival

Moving2live podcast February 2019

Andrea Leonard Interview

The Washington Post October 2018

Patients Facing Serious Illnesses, Chronic Diseases Find Benefit in Working Out Together

Health Central February 2018

Working Out With Cancer, And Even During Chemo Treatment: You Can Do It

Club Industry Magazine March 2018

A Chance to Heal

PFP Magazine December 2017

Pushing Past Barriers, Setting New Standards – Andrea Leonard

PFP Magazine October 2017

Understanding Breast Cancer and Exercise

Club Industry October 2017

New Cancer Exercise Specialist Program Provides Benefits to Patients and Survivors

ACE 10-2017

Exercise Programming Considerations for Clients Who Have Been Successfully Treated for Breast Cancer

ACE Certified     9-21-2017

Lymphedema: Help Your Clients Manage this Common Side Effect of Cancer Treatments

PFP Magazine Spring 2017

The Need and Opportunity for Cancer Specialists

The Daily News     11-14-2016

Kaiser Event Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Pearlpoint Cancer Support    05-01-2016

Movement for the Cancer Survivor

Cancer Today      Spring 2016

Easing Into Activity

Inside New Jersey     06-19-2015

Specialized Exercise Helps Cancer Patients Regain Strength & Sense of Well-being

NOU Magazine   03-01-2015

Putting the Exercise Pieces Together

Bethesda Magazine   02-01-2015

Stronger Together

Capital Gazette 10-14-2014

Evolutions’ Ribbon Recovery Program helps Cancer Survivors Thrive

The Ellsworth American     10-12-2014

Fitness Trainer is now Cancer Expert

Today’s Dietician     October 2014

Breast Cancer and Exercise

The Training Edge   03-22-2014

Taking Control of Cancer

US Dep. of Human Services   01-30-2014

Physical Activity for Cancer Patients

inHealthOhio Blog and News     10-28-2013

Benefits of Exercise for Breast Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Integrative Oncology     August 9, 2013

How to Begin an Exercise Routine for Patients and Survivors

YouTube.com   06-05-2013

Breast Cancer Recovery Exercises on Pink BOSU

CapitalStyle   05-15-2013

Race for the Cure: Q&A with Andrea Leonard

Examiner.com   02-20-2013

The BOSU® helped cancer survivor Andrea Leonard

Club Solutions Magazine   12-20-2012

Training Members Who Have Cancer

ClubIndustry.com   10-01-2012

Breast Cancer Survivors Rebuild Strength with Pilates

ClubIndustry.com   10-01-2012

Guidelines for Working with Breast Cancer Survivors in Exercise Programs

Le Mars Daily Sentinel   03-07-2012

Exercise Specialist helps Cancer Survivors

LiveStrong.com   08-11-2011

Breast Cancer Workouts

Herald Tribune   04-26-2011

Fighting Cancer with Exercise

stlToday.com   06-30-2010

Exercise Can Help Cancer Recovery