CETI – Virtual Client Assessment Service


CETI Virtual Assessment Service for Cancer Exercise Specialists, Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU Specialists and Functional Aging Specialists


Have you gotten to the point where you have potential clients, you need to assess them and you’d love help in taking care of that hassle so you can focus on building effective programs?

CETI now has the answer with Virtual Client Assessment Services.  Provide us with your client’s contact info and we will take care of the rest.

You’ll get the industry’s leading virtual assessments and analysis for the following:

  • PostureScreen
  • SquatScreen
  • LeanScreen (BMI Analysis)
  • Virtual screening using Zoom and mobile phone software
  • HIPAA Comliant Data Storage and Access


  • CETI Active Qualifications for Cancer Exercise, Breast Cancer Recovery or Functional Aging.
  • Active CETI Mastermind Membership ($99/month)
  • iPhone or iPad for reporting access