Professional Development

Professional Development with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute includes, but is not limited to, two primary advanced qualification courses. Enhance your professional credentials and earn CEC’s while helping cancer patients after cancer surgery and treatment into recovery.

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Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Qualification

Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialist Advanced Qualification



As a commitment to you, and to the quality of our Cancer Exercise Specialist program, we provide you with the most current research in the field of clinical oncology and exercise science through the following modalities:

The Cancer Exercise Specialist Handbook is updated every two years

We require our Cancer Exercise and Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialists to either study the new handbook and take an examination on the course material (every two years) or participate in eight hours of our continuing education lessons (over the course of two years)

We provide you with exercise programming and contraindication ideas/information through our Exercise Rx page and video library

We inform you of current events and seminars as well as the latest news in the field of  clinical oncology through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin


We also want to help  you grow your business and make it easy for cancer patients and survivors throughout the world to find you. We do this by:

Giving you a COMPLIMENTARY listing on the International Cancer Exercise Specialist Directory for the length of your certification.

We have allied ourselves with the MedFit Network (MFN) to provide you with another referral source for new clients. You will receive a 1 year membership on the Medical Fitness Network with purchase of all 4 modules of the Cancer Exercise Specialist course or the Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® Specialist qualification. As a member of MFN, you’ll potentially receive referrals from their own website as well as organizations such as:

Women Survivors Alliance

Cancer Support Community

Zero Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

Anti-Cancer Club

Genome Magazine

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Since 1996 the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, formerly the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, has provided professional development for more health and fitness providers than any other organization worldwide. We are pioneers in the field of exercise and cancer recovery and set the “GOLD STANDARD” for education.

There are many myths that are constantly perpetuated in our world of health and fitness. At the Cancer Exercise Training Institute we are committed to providing the SCIENCE that will allow you to provide the CORRECT exercise program for your clients. Our Cancer Exercise Specialists constantly report to us how our certification has raised the standard of care they are able to provide to all of their clients. The world of cancer treatment has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. There is an entire world of complimentary therapies and integrative oncology. The right exercise is a vital partner in the world of integrative oncology. Join us and MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of cancer survivors worldwide!