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The Cancer Exercise Training Institute earned its’ reputation as the GOLD STANDARD in cancer exercise programming and is the “go-to” source for training cancer patients and survivors. We provide fitness professionals with the most current, up-to-date and evidence-based techniques for safe and effective recovery.  We offer both Advanced Qualification and certificate courses, blog  and social media posts, videos, webinars, live workshops, business coaching and promotion, and more; everything you need to create your niche market and stand out in the crowd of fitness professionals.

Gain Confidence & Enhance Your Skill Set

therapy cancer exercise training instituteGiven that 1 out of 3 people  will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, you are probably already training clients who either have cancer or are in recovery/survivorship. Perhaps you have been touched by cancer personally and want to help a friend or family member, but are afraid of hurting them. With proper education and training you will gain the knowledge that you need to safely and effectively create exercise programming for anyone that is currently undergoing cancer treatment, or well on their way to long-term survivorship.

Even if you have years of training experience in the fitness field, you probably don’t feel prepared to work with this population. Our coursework will improve your skill in designing and implementing safe and effective programs to help patients minimize treatment side-effects, correct range of motion and muscle imbalances, minimize pain, increase energy, improve self-confidence and so much more.

trainer and senior client cancer exercise training instituteCreate a Niche Market & Increase Your Client Base

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were  roughly 300,000 fitness trainers and instructors as of 2016, with the numbers growing by approximately 10% per year. The median pay is roughly $39,210 per year or $18/hr. Do you want to be an AVERAGE Trainer or an EXCEPTIONAL trainer – that makes an amazing living while helping to improve the lives of those affected by cancer? CETI will not only provide the training and education, you will gain valuable CEU’s to fulfill your PT requirements, you will receive a FREE one-year membership to the MedFit Network, you will be listed on both the MedFit and Cancer Exercise Specialist®  directories, you will be able to participate in ongoing FREE webinars and business coaching, you will be included in our exclusive CES Facebook group, and have opportunities to be featured through our vast social media network. We are always here to help you and to answer your questions.

June Kahn Cancer Exercise SpecialistLearn How to Modify Any Modality

Learn how to modify any fitness modality to meet the needs of your individual clients. We will teach you how to safely progress and, when necessary, regress your client’s individual exercises. We offer specific protocol for the BOSU® Balance Trainer, yoga, and mat Pilates. Our training is not, however, limited to these three practices. You will learn how to modify any modality based time and location of surgery/treatment, range of motion limitations and muscle imbalances.

Stand Out in a Crowd cancer exercise training instituteBecome the Local Expert

Cancer Exercise Specialist®  and/or Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU(R) Specialist  training will provide you with the unique knowledge and skill sets to speak  with conviction on the topic of cancer recovery and exercise. Through our ongoing business development coaching and Business Builder Mastermind Workshops, you will gain the confidence to approach local and national TV, radio, and newspapers. Learn how to write a value-packed and meaningful blog, build your following through social media, and even write/produce your own videos, books, or e-books to help you gain notoriety. We will even teach you how to open the door to medical referrals and bridge the gap between medicine and fitness.

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