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Live webinar Cancer Exercise Training Institute

We at the Cancer Exercise Training Institute pride ourselves on the FACT that our Cancer Exercise Specialist® Advanced Qualification is based on a combination of  SCIENCE and REALITY.

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We maintain a brilliant medical advisory board drawing from physicians and health professionals world wide. We keep our programs current with studies and scientific discoveries in this ever changing field. We keep our certified Cancer Exercise Specialists up-to-date through our many social media outlets and a demanding renewal process (which involves participating in CEU courses to keep their skills honed as Cancer Exercise Specialists® in order to serve our highly specialized population).

Our live workshops are an outstanding opportunity to reap the benefits of another imperative side of education; the ability to share ideas with other health and fitness professionals on the various kinds of support and camaraderie our clients need and expect from us. This is a critical aspect of being able to serve our clients – adding the REALITY factor. Learn the science and  experience others’ passion and dedication, as we all inspire each other to become highly skilled professional providers.  Instilling a sense of confidence and empowerment in our clients and patients is an equally vital part of our training.

There have been many fitness and healthcare professionals, who are also cancer survivors, who become Cancer Exercise Specialists®. We regularly receive accolades as the most thorough and realistic training! Many have asked “why didn’t anyone tell me this while I was recovering?” This EMPOWERS them to help others and help them avoid much of the NEEDLESS SUFFERING that occurs due to lack of available information.

“Andrea Leonard is clear and dynamic about the depth of knowledge she carries. A tour de force in the cancer exercise recovery field! It’s an honor to know her, learn from her and partner with her. Moving for Life appreciates your work!”

Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD 

“Thanks again for an incredible and inspiring two days! I am not known to sit still, much less inside, for an entire weekend, but you made it easy. As a five year breast cancer survivor myself, I know the power that exercise has in the healing process from cancer surgeries and chemotherapy…. Through this workshop, you have given me the knowledge and tools to truly help other survivors get through their ordeal a little easier. Whatever we as trainers can do to help motivate those survivors will be key in their recovery. Thanks again for driving my passion in exercise and cancer survivors!”

A.C. – Certified Personal Trainer & Survivor

Whatever your platform of exercise:

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Tai Chi
  • Kinesiologist
  • Physical or Occupational Therapist
  • Nurse
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Naturopathic Physician

…….we provide an understanding of cancer and what a person recovering from cancer is going through.

“As a naturopathic doctor, I employ a variety of natural therapies such as…While these therapies can be quite restorative and effective in stabilizing victims of cancer, my practice will now take on a new perspective now that I’ve completed your program. You have elevated the role of exercise and cancer survival to a level that nobody else has, and your ability to communicate this message is superb… Every trainer, physical and occupational therapist should be armed with this critical information…”

Glenn B. Gero – Naturopathic Doctor

We will help you to understand the science behind:

  • How the right exercise can help the individual during and after treatment
  • What contraindications we must respect
  • Given the potential side-effects of the cancer/cancer treatment, how we can help minimize the impact
  • A safe and effective progression that takes into account the individual’s changing needs on a daily basis

Being a Cancer Exercise Specialist®  demands a new understating of functional training. We incorporate a plethora of scientific studies that support the many benefits of exercise for cancer prevention, cancer recovery, and exercise as a means of prevention of metastases, to round-off your education.

“Thank you so much for the recent two-day training…loved your energy and appreciated your knowledge. You kept the workshop interesting and fun and the audience involved! The workbook was well written and easy to follow. We will shortly be unveiling a full fledged regional cancer wellness program at Sanford; your training helped us greatly with that programming. We look forward to a future return visit from you!..”

Laurie Knutson – Director Sanford Cancer Center Hematology & Oncology

“I recommend the Cancer Exercise Training Institute for the Cancer Exercise Specialist® Advanced Qualification. The training is top notch for any healthcare and fitness professional pursuing further education in exercise for cancer patients. The Cancer Exercise Specialist ®Advanced Qualification prepares professionals to recommend exercise programs that help patients manage and even overcome side-effects of cancer treatment/surgery through exercise and movement.”

Marcia Jones – Integrative Medicine Avera Prairie Center